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(10) 1lb Baby Kettlebell - FREE USA SHIPPING


This is BY FAR one of the coolest products we have ever released. Concept designed by a local RKC trainer, we designed this in the same foundries used to make your favorite Warrior Hardware Kettlebell

To say we make these the same way as our famous 24kg Kettlebell is an understatement. We asked that the exact specifications be used, the exact iron, and the same exact paint. Now, I don't think these would do well in a snatch test, but we will leave that one up to you.

You cannot get this from anywhere but us and now we want to make sure you have one all for your very own! As a courtesy, we'll even ship it for free anywhere in the US.


Despite the name "Baby Kettlebell", these miniature kettlebells are not meant for babies or young children.  This is an adult novelty paper-weight type item and not intended to be a toy.